ESPN 13 Feb 2020

Zion Williamson is still learning when it's time to take over for the Pelicans


Zion Williamson analyzes his new career high of 32 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and admits he is still adjusting to the New Orleans Pelicans' offensive schemes after completing his 10th NBA game.
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The economy, once booming under the Trump administration, is now sinking as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. One America's Jenn Pellegrino explains the strategy that enlists all Americans to ensure China pays for the damage.
Nurse Elyse Isopo is on her sixth 13-hour day this week at North Shore University Hospital, and it's taking a toll. We went behind the scenes at the hospital on Long Island that is so overwhelmed, they're turning lecture halls into patient care rooms. When she gets home, all she can do is shower, maybe eat, and go to bed to save energy for the next day. But before she can greet her family and pets at home, she has to go through an extraordinary disinfection process.
Israel is aiming to rollout roadside coronavirus testing booths across the country. The Post's Ruth Eglash went for a demonstration on April 20.
The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, but Americans aren't going to cower in fear. #FoxNews #Hannity

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