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The Hill 16 Nov 2020

Zaid Jilani: Has The ACLU Forgotten About Free Speech Under Trump?


Journalist, Zaid Jilani, discusses how the ACLU's platforms could change in a post-Trump era.

Journalist, Zaid Jilani, breaks down the congressional condemnation of QAnon and what it means for free speech.
Americans are facing a flood of misinformation across media platforms in the lead-up to the 2020 elections. New York Times magazine staff writer Emily Bazelon joined CBSN to explain why rethinking our interpretation of free speech may help strengthen U.S. democracy, and how the Supreme Court has ruled in cases regarding the First Amendment.
Journalist, Zaid Jilani, explains how free speech is actually becoming more partisan. He also weighs in on Facebook's censorship of Jacobin and Bret Weinstein.
Emily Harrington has made history by being the first woman to free climb Yosemite National Park's legendary El Capitan cliff face in under 24 hours. With extraordinary skill and bravery, Emily inched her way up the 3,000 foot high cliff, and even rested in a cot dangling hundreds of feet from the ground to rest. Emily suffered a gash on her forehead after falling - luckily, free climbers still use ropes to catch themselves, though they do not aid with climbing.

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