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The Guardian 5 Sep 2019

YouTube kids: the child stars taking over


Being a YouTuber is now the most popular aspiration for children today, according to a recent survey. In 2018, the site's highest earner was a seven-year-old American toy reviewer. But the video platform has been mired in controversy over its failure to protect children. Richard Sprenger meets some of the children plying their trade on YouTube, viral sensation Rebecca Black, and visits a Los Angeles summer camp where kids as young as six learn the tricks of the trade

In the UK, schools remain closed to all but the children of key workers with opinion divided over when they should reopen.
For now, parents are having to juggle working from home with teaching their children. And school teachers are tackling the challenges of online education.
All around the world, cities are under quarantine, and the streets are empty as people stay locked in their homes. But where there was once foot traffic there's now hoof traffic! In Paris, wild pigs are walking the boulevards, while goats roam free in the streets of Wales with no one there to shoo them away. The phenomenon is world-wide. In Thailand, an intersection is overtaken by screaming monkeys, and in New Orleans, rats swarm the famous bar-lined Bourbon Street.
Candida Auris is the new superbug on the block you've probably never heard of, and it is invading healthcare systems worldwide.
Liziane Menezes and her family live in a poor and overcrowded area of Rio de Janeiro. After recovering from COVID-19, she and many members of her community are facing the challenges of living through the uncertainties brought on by the Pandemic. Local health officials have growing concerns for the densely populated favelas as the virus continues to spread.

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