Time 1 Oct 2019

You're Good-Looking!' Ukraine's President Charms Tom Cruise Amid Trump Impeachment Probe


you're good-looking!' Ukraine's President charms Tom Cruise amid Trump impeachment probe.

House Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Trump's contacts with Ukraine is now in its second week. As both sides fight to control their message to the American public, "Red and Blue" takes a look back at the key moments so far.
Former Vice President Joe Biden called for Trump's impeachment during a campaign speech on Wednesday, saying, "He is shooting holes in our Constitution and we cannot allow him to get away with it."

In Ukraine's presidential election, no candidate received enough votes to avoid a run-off. That means voters will return to the polls in three weeks. Their choices: the current president and a comedy actor. CGTN's Stephanie Freid reports from Kiev.

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