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Newsmax TV 12 Oct 2020

'Your vote counts'


Chris Salcedo warns of the importance of this year's election - 'is Joe Biden's America a nation you'd want to live in?' - Newsmax TV

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With the presidential election exactly six weeks away, National Voter Registration Day is aiming to ensure every eligible voter has the tools to make their voice heard. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted registration efforts nationwide.
Experts on voting systems now predict that as many as half of all general election votes will be cast by mail amid the pandemic. NBC's Pete Williams reports on how to make sure your vote is counted.
"Get your absentee ballot at the soonest possible opportunity," says FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub. "If you decide to vote in person, do that early too. It will take strain off the system on Election Day." Aired on 09/07/2020.
Tens of thousands of votes have already been cast in the 2020 general election, even though we're still a month and a half before Election Day. CEO Andrea Hailey spoke to "Red and Blue" host Elaine Quijano about how to make sure your ballot is counted.

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