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Sky News 18 Oct 2020

'You have a better chance of surviving COVID in hospitals now than before'


Dr Alison Pittard has told Sophy Ridge people "have a better chance of surviving COVID in hospitals now than before."

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Democrats during a Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday that he believes Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a "good chance" of winning the November election.
Africa has recorded a little over 1.4 million cases of coronavirus. That's less than a quarter the figure for the United States alone. Almost half of the continent's confirmed cases were in South Africa, but even there, the death rate is surprisingly low. People may have a better chance of surviving COVID-19 if they have parasitic worms. It's a stomach-churning hypothesis based on previous research: The kinds of worms that affect hundreds of millions of people, mostly in the tropics, may be mitigating the most severe effects of the coronavirus.
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Cornell University researchers found President Trump was linked to a third of published "misinformation conversation" they studied on coronavirus.

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