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Al Jazeera 22 May 2020

Yemen's health system 'has collapsed' as coronavirus spreads: UN


The United Nations says Yemen's health system has collapsed and is appealing for more funds to help its hospitals devastated by five years of war.
The country has reported about 200 cases of COVID-19 and 30 deaths, but aid agencies believe the number of infections is likely to be much higher.

Al Jazeera's Katia Lopez-Hodayan reports.

COVID-19 has caused the public health system in the state of Amazonas in Brazil nearly collapsed. Take a look at what the residents, doctors and local officials are saying about this crisis.
Healthcare systems around the world are under stress. Rising numbers of COIVD-19 patients are seeking treatment, pushing hospitals to the brink of collapse. But if you look closely, there are differences. In the US, healthcare is largely privatized. In an effort to cut costs, many hospitals have reduced staff and stretched resources that are now urgently needed. Many clinics are overwhelmed. The same goes for countries like Italy and Spain which were burdened with severe austerity measures after the last financial crisis. State-run healthcare systems, on the other hand, are proving to be more robust to deal with the crisis, some experts say. In many countries, this has sparked a discussion about whether healthcare should be a public good run by the state or a business model.

President Donald Trump said, Saturday, April 4, that the United States was heading into what could be its "toughest" weeks as coronavirus cases swell nationwide.

Trump also revisited a familiar message, saying he wants to get the economy up and running as soon as possible.

The number of people infected in the U.S. exceeds a quarter-million.

Inmates at the Cook County Jail are fighting to be released while they await trial amid the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds have already been freed over health concerns. CBS Chicago's Megan Hickey reports.

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