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DW News 16 Sep 2020

WTO slams US for violating trade rules with tariffs on China


The World Trade Organization has ruled that the Trump administration's trade war is illegal. It says American duties imposed on more than 200-billion dollars in Chinese goods broke trading rules, as they applied only to China and were above maximum rates, agreed to by the US.
Washington says they were justified, as Beijing was stealing intellectual property and forcing American companies to transfer technology for access to its markets. US trade respresentative, Robert Lighthizer, says the WTO is completely inadequate to stop China's harmful practices. This is just the start of a legal process that could take years.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday it was now time to prepare for a no-trade deal #Brexit in 10 weeks as the European Union had refused to negotiate seriously, adding that unless Brussels changed course there would be no agreement.
China has accused the United States of "bullying" and threatened to take "necessary" countermeasures after Washington banned downloads of the Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok, and effectively blocked the use of the messaging super-app, WeChat.
Separately, Beijing also launched on Saturday a mechanism enabling it to restrict foreign entities that it deems a threat to its sovereignty and security, in a development seen as retaliation to US penalties against other Chinese companies such as telecom giant Huawei.
The latest Chinese moves come as tensions with the US escalate on a range of issues from trade and human rights to the battle for tech supremacy.
In a statement on Saturday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce condemned Washington's decision on Friday to ban TikTok and WeChat from US app stores, saying: "China urges the US to abandon bullying, cease its wrongful actions and earnestly maintain fair and transparent international rules and order."
Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington.
2010 study shows law enforcement officers with college degrees are 40% less likely to use force #policetraining
Greenpeace Canada is calling on the federal government to suspend trade talks with Brazil after new data from Brazil's own space agency shows the fire devastation in the Amazon rainforest is even worse this year than in 2019. Most fires are created intentionally by cattle farmers.

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