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CBS News 27 Jan 2020

WorldView: Deadly rains in Brazil, miracle under the rubble in Turkey, and more


At least 53 are dead after torrential rains caused landslides and flooding in eastern Brazil. A mother and 2-year-old daughter are found alive after being trapped for 28 hours after Turkey's 6.8 magnitude earthquake. And President Donald Trump will meet with rival Israeli political leaders. Ian Lee rounds up the morning's world headlines from London.

President Trump Participates in a Briefing with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and LA 2028 Organizers

Beverly Hills, CA
As water scarcity becomes a growing concern around the world, community leaders and scientist in Colombia are leading the way in preserving water resources.
Correspondent Michelle Begue met with some champions of nature trying to protect the water in Colombia. 
House arrest? Not in our house. As cabin fever set in this past week, recreational athletes fled to the bike lanes, the beaches, the skateparks and all manner of hiking trail.

It's difficult to accept the fact that residents are better off — physically and spiritually — cooped up like canaries. So out they go, hiking, surfing, panting, surviving.

The annual Carnival in Brazil starts on February 21 this year. And one samba school in Sau Paolo is seeking a little Chinese inspiration for the Carnival Parade. CGTN's Paulo Cabral reports.

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