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CBS News 16 Nov 2020

Worldview: Asia-Pacific trading bloc, Peru unrest, and more global headlines


15 Asia-Pacific countries have joined the world's largest trade bloc, excluding the U.S. Peru's interim president steps down, leaving the office vacant. The leaders of Mexico, Russia and Brazil have not yet acknowledged Joe Biden's election victory. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee joins CBSN from London with a selection of international headlines.

Leaders around the world are reacting to the still-undecided U.S. presidential election, security forces arrested a Ugandan opposition candidate, and the U.S. is completing its withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta rounds up the international stories from Johannesburg.
A deadly terror attack in Vienna leaves at least four people dead and 17 injured. Nigeria's attorney general says "hoodlums" wearing military uniforms may have shot protesters. Central America prepares for a direct hit from Hurricane Eta. And Sri Lanka's navy with the help of volunteers rescues 120 pilot whales after a mass beaching. Ian Lee joins CBSN AM from London with a roundup of global headlines.
The Nigerian Army admits giving soldiers live ammunition during protests in October. A pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong is in custody. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on trial over allegations of corruption. And the U.K. lifts isolation requirements amid its coronavirus lockdown. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee joins CBSN AM with today's global headlines.
Despite police crackdowns, protesters in Belarus took to the streets. In Turkey, 20 Saudi officials are being tried in absentia over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft is on its way to the moon. And Australia's Qantas airline says passengers will soon need proof of a COVID-19 vaccine before boarding. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee joins CBSN AM with today's global headlines.

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