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ABC News 20 Nov 2020

World War II vet embraces daughter after 8 months


A senior living facility in Colorado set up a tent with plastic with armholes so families can hug. The tent was sterilized with disinfectants between visits.

Onofrio Zicari met the family of his friend who died in 1944. Capt. Craig Dolhi got engaged. Maj. Vonn Wright is back with his family in Kentucky. Stan Friday receives France's top honor.
Second World War Veteran Ralph Jackson, 94, has been reinstated at the Royal Canadian Legion after battling theft allegations for almost three years.

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Indian cinemas reboot after months of blackout
When the #EndSARS protests against police brutality in #Nigeria first started in the beginning of October, the world didn't pay much attention.

However, after Nigerian security forces open fired on peaceful protesters in Lagos on Tuesday, the #violence in Nigeria finally captured the attention of the world. Amnesty International said at least 12 protesters were killed.

"At last," said Emmanuel Igah, director of Phobos International Consultancy. "Nigerians can now be happy to at least see that there is total world attention on what's going on."

Besides getting the world's attention, many Nigerians are also glad to see this movement uniting the entire society as police brutality touches everyone in Nigeria.

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