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Associated Press 26 Mar 2020

Workers suffer as virus pandemic worsens in US


Within hours, Stephanie Myers was laid off from both of her jobs. Now, amid widespread closures caused by the virus outbreak, she - and millions of Americans who have since filed for unemployment - is left wondering how the bills will get paid. (March 26)

A plane carrying supplies of vital personal protective equipment for health workers battling the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday. (April 2).
Three southeast Indiana counties have among the highest per-capita coronavirus infection rates in the US. Sean Durbin is working to stem the spread of the virus in Decatur County, while grieving the loss of a friend to COVID-19. (April 8)
Activists in the United States are reporting a sharp increase in the number of racist incidents and hate crimes targeting people of Asian descent.
Some community leaders accuse President Donald Trump of fanning the flames of prejudice.
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports from Los Angeles.
Black and hispanic citizens appear twice as likely to die from coronavirus as white people in New York, according to new data.

In New York state, 17% of those who die from coronavirus are black, despite representing only 9% of the population.

There is no federal data on race, ethnicity and links to COVID-19 being released despite calls by campaigners.

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