Newsy 7 Oct 2020

Without New Releases, Two-Thirds Of Movie Theaters Could Close Soon


Cinemas need new movies and federal aid, industry leaders say.

The majority of British people support a two-week "circuit breaker" lockdown, according to a poll by YouGov for Sky News.

When asked whether they trust Boris Johnson to make the right decisions about the pandemic, 61% said no.

Most people said they do not support relaxing lockdown measures for younger people.
San Diego County is the first in southern California to reopen movie theaters. NewsNet's Danielle Radin reports.
The movie business has a reputation for being recession-proof. Even when the economy's in a downturn, people want entertainment. But with the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the U.S. and the world, movie theaters are in panic mode seven months into the coronavirus pandemic. Big movie theater chains, AMC and Regal Cinemas, reopened their theaters to the public back in late August. But with several blockbuster movies pushed back to Christmas or to 2021, movie theater chains are shutting down across the U.S. and the United Kingdom for the second time. With the movie business competing with popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple+, is this the end of the movie theater business as we know it? Here's what the movie business looks like during a pandemic, and what it will look like in the future.
Movie theaters in New York state can reopen beginning next Friday with restrictions on audience size and other precautions in place, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday. (Oct. 17)

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