MSNBC 18 Nov 2020

Wisconsin County Clerks React To Trump's Recount Request


President Trump is petitioning for a recount of votes in several Wisconsin counties after claiming fraud. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnell reacted to the allegations and said he was prepared for disinformation to come from the Kremlin, but not from the U.S. Aired on 11/18/2020.

"He won that presidential debate hands down."

Vice President Mike Pence reacted to President Trump's debate performance during a speech at the Faith and Freedom coalition.
NBC News Reporter Dasha Burns brings the latest from Beaver County, Pa., where voters reacted to the final presidential debate and the issue of fracking. Aired on 10/23/2020.
NBC News' Vaughn Hillyard asks several people in Las Vegas about their initial reaction to President Trump testing positive for the coronavirus.
Voters from around the country weigh in on Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis. Some said the president "was not paying attention to the rules," while others said, "It was not his fault."

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