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Inside Edition 5 Jan 2021

Will This Decade Lead to Another Roaring '20s?


Will the 2020s roar like the 1920s did? Some are predicting that once we're all vaccinated, Americans will let loose like they did a century ago. Yale Professor Nicholas Cristakis predicts that in a few years America will come roaring back to life just as it did after the 1918 flu pandemic. He says not only will many people be seeking out social opportunities, but a lot of them will have money saved up from not being able to enjoy their usual forms of entertainment.

Rolling out 5G technology could lead to a sharp increase in power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, a report published by France's High Council on Climate warns.
Aid groups are warning that the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to a spike in child marriages as families face economic hardship. Krista Larson, West Africa bureau chief for The Associated Press, joined "CBSN AM" to talk about this issue and a new article she wrote exploring the stories of these children.
The coronavirus pandemic has lead to a rise in mental health problems among migrants stuck in camps in Greece. That's according to a study by the International Rescue Committee, the IRC. Some 15 thousand people are currently stuck in overcrowded reception centres on Greek islands. Squalid conditions here are made worse by lockdowns imposed because of the virus. The IRC study found that additional restrictions in movement have worsened symptoms in a range of psychological disorders among migrants. Meanwhile, the number of refugees worldwide keeps growing. This year the UN counted a total of nearly 80 Million refugees globally - an increase of some ten Million. And many of those people have been living as refugees for much - if not all - of their lives.
Olive producers in Greece say the harvest will fall by up to a fifth this year because the pandemic is preventing the arrival of seasonal workers

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