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The Guardian 18 Feb 2020

Will green technology kill Chile's deserts?


The Atacama in northern Chile is the driest desert in the world, and may be the oldest. It also holds 40% of the world's lithium - an essential ingredient in the rechargeable batteries used in green technology. Indigenous leaders and scientists say Chile's plans to feed a global green energy boom with Atacama lithium will kill the desert. As violent protests rock the country, they are fighting for the mining to stop

Heat and sunlight have the potential to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, but, "it would be irresponsible," the Director of Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security said, to say the summer will totally kill the coronavirus.
Mike Greenberg asserts that the Philadelphia Eagles will be the No. 1 seed in the NFC in the 2020 NFL season. Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth then react to Greeny's take and discuss whether Carson Wentz & Co. will have the best record in the conference.

Maria Taylor, Paul Pierce, Jay Williams and Jalen Rose and special guest Adrian Wojnarowski bring you another edition of NBA Countdown: Stay Home. Woj discusses 2020 ESPN No. 1 high school prospect Jalen Green's decision to forgo college for the NBA's new G League elite program. The crew also discusses whether high school sophomore and Gatorade Player of the Year Emoni Bates should follow the same path. Pierce then defends his H-O-R-S-E loss to the Chicago Bulls' Zach LaVine.

New York City's outdoor farmers' markets, known as "green markets" are considered essential during the COVID-19 outbreak. But will they continue to operate as more measures are made to improve the safety and social distancing at these locations, which have become a lifeline for many in need of food. CGTN's Sarah Walton has this report.

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