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Inside Edition 9 Aug 2020

Wife Prays Daily for Husband's Health Outside Hospital


A Texas woman has spent weeks outside the hospital where her husband is battling COVID-19. Michelle Gutierrez was allowed this week to see and talk to her husband for about 10 minutes through a glass window at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston. Every morning she writes him a letter, each time beginning with "Good morning, Sunshine." All have been delivered to his bedside. And every night, you can find Michelle praying outside. David, 53, is currently on life support and in a coma.

Protesters and police continue to clash; Dan Springer reports.
Specialty sneaker company CLOVE is giving away shoes to front line and essential medical workers helping to fight COVID.
Inspired by the daily sacrifices of healthcare workers around the world, two teenagers launched "Cards 4 Covid Heroes," collecting and sending more than 250 thank-you cards to hospitals in Arizona and California. (Aug 31)
Los Angeles artist Michael Gittes wanted to show his appreciation for frontline health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic, so he created paintings for every single person working at Interfaith Medical Center in New York.

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