Forbes 23 Oct 2020

Why You Shouldn't Say Yes To Everything According To Activist Jamira Burley


This week on Unfiltered we sat down with social-impact consultant Jamira Burley to talk about why you should be empowered to say no, about the Nguni Bantu of ubuntu and about the importance of being teachable.

For many simply getting through the year will be enough. #BlackFriday
California famously prides itself on environmental leadership — but what about when its lawmakers overlook problems in their own constituents' backyards? It's still legal to drill for oil there right next to schools and hospitals — despite well documented health risks to anyone nearby. In the video op-ed above, Josiah Edwards explains what it was like to grow up breathing in the toxic chemicals expelled by drilling. He traces the asthma that plagues his entire family to decades of redlining in Los Angeles County, which consigned Black and brown communities like theirs to live next to active oil wells. Even today, politicians keep rejecting legislation that would help protect Californians from these poisonous emissions. You may not have an oil drill in your backyard now, but if you live in California, there's nothing stopping one from moving in tomorrow.
New report says Hundreds of thousands forced to pick cotton. #China #Uighurs
NBC's Pete Williams reports that a woman who was shot inside the Capitol building as rioters moved inside has died according to law enforcement.

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