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RT America 15 Apr 2020

Why we'll never be the same (full show)


The Spanish flu changed the world both at the micro and macro level. Now, new announcements of changes that will be made to everyday life in California by Governor Gavin Newsom, may indicate what is to come around the country and around the world. RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports. For analysis Rick is joined by Larry King and famed Dr. Bob Arnot. Also in this episode, the New York Times has published a story that seems to suggest there is only one bad actor out there in the entire world when it comes to information amid Covid-19 - Russia. The New York Times is now suggesting that Russia, in fact President Vladimir Putin himself, is using disinformation to encourage the spread of deadly viruses. For analysis Rick Sanchez is joined by Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor and George Galloway, former member of British Parliament from Scotland.

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Presidential hopeful and former vice president Joe Biden asked why too many black Americans wake up knowing they could die while speaking at the funeral of George Floyd in Houston, Texas.
Kendrick Perkins argues that the Philadelphia 76ers will benefit from the eight-game tune-up leading to the NBA Playoffs, emphasizing the need for the team to build chemistry and an identity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to European and international travel. Now, as the travel industry re-starts its engines, and border restrictions begin to ease, what challenges does it face in getting us on the move again? How are airports and airlines adapting and innovating? How confident should passengers feel? And what does it all mean for the revival of the tourism sector?

Join us for the next in our special series of debates, 'Travel & Tourism: Ready for take-off?' where we will be putting these questions and more to our panel of guests:

Belén González del Val Subirats, Head of Connectivity, Department of Strategic Marketing Planning, National Tourist Board of Spain (Turespaña)
Alessandra Priante, Regional Director for Europe, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Mikko Turtiainen, Vice President, Market Management, Finnair

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Why are Americans surrendering to violent mobs? Because they've been told they have to. #FoxNews #Tucker

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