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Inside Edition 14 Jan 2020

Why This Woman Celebrated Weight Loss On Roller Coaster


A fun vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida turned into a humiliating event for one woman. Chelsey Bishop wanted to ride the "Revenge of the Mummy" rollercoaster, but after boarding she realized she couldn't fit on the ride. "I was too big for the harness to latch," she tells Inside Edition. "So I had to unboard in front of everybody and it was mortifying." That was two years ago, but after going on a version of the famous Keto diet, she says she went from a size 28 to a size 12.

Intermittent fasting, or limiting the number of hours one spends eating, is a growing trend that may have health benefits and aid in weight loss. (Dec. 31)
Krystal Ball describes why this is the wrong thing to impeach the President over.
The United States' voter turnout rate ranks low amongst peer nations. One major difference between the U.S. and many of those peer democracies with higher turnout is the day people go to the polls. In the U.S., most elections are held on Tuesday. In most of those other countries, it's either a weekend or holiday. Is it possible that simply moving election day in the U.S. votes could boost turnout? Why does the U.S. vote on Tuesdays anyway?
"President Trump has refrerred to the articles of impeachment being debated against him as ""impeachment lite."" CBS News' Nancy Cordes asked House Speaker Nancy Peolosi for a response, and why it was she accused the president of bribery but didn't include this charge in the articles. ""I'm not a lawyer,"" Pelosi retorted.

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