ESPN 22 Nov 2020

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers have been successful this year


The NFL Countdown crew preview the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars game and break down why the Steeler have an undefeated record.


Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Rob Ninkovich discuss how important a win is for the Philadelphia Eagles against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 5 of the 2020 NFL season.
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CNN's Kate Bolduan spoke to some women in Pennsylvania who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and who have changed their minds about voting for the President in this election.
Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin discuss the possibility that the Pittsburgh Steelers remain undefeated throughout the 2020 NFL regular season and finish 16-0.

The pair grew plants in pots and flowerbeds in their homes to use in their cocktails, because of a lack of syrups and liquor in the Caribbean island. Now they cultivated the species they need on a farm outside of Havana.

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