CNN 26 Mar 2020

Why the Covid-19 death rate in Germany is so low


While Germany has some of the highest confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world, the death rate remains fairly low. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports on Germany's response to the outbreak.

Rick Sanchez examines the purported death rate of those infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Idaho and West Virginia are the only US states without confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Louisiana is postponing its primary election until June. New York State is going to institute drive-through testing. Meanwhile, Europe has become the epicenter of the global pandemic and it is spreading in Africa. RT America's Michele Greenstein reports from the global coronavirus update desk. Xi Chen, professor of public health at Yale University, shares his expertise. Prof. Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran weighs in on reports of how Iran is handling its coronavirus outbreak. RT America's Alex Mihailovich reports on the world leaders who've been hit by the pandemic. Ruben Navarrette joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the muddled state of US media. Plus, RT America's Steve Christakos and Regina Ham join for "Jock Talk."

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The COVID-19 death toll in Italy hits 107 as Rome announces it is closing all schools and universities for two weeks in a bid to contain the outbreak.…
Spain has reported a grim record number of fatalities in the COVID-19 pandemic, with 832 new deaths in 24 hours.…
Some towns in Italy are running out of space to store coffins as the sheer volume of COVID-19 deaths overwhelms morgues and funeral services.…

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