CNET 1 Dec 2020

Why Samsung may kill off Galaxy Note


A new report says that there are no plans for a 2021 edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone. What happens to the S-Pen? Don't you worry. Apparently, the Galaxy S21 will be there to save the day.

With the Christmas shopping rush upon us, it looks like some children with their sights set on specific toys may wake up disappointed on Christmas morning. Some high-demand toys are nowhere to be found, including the coveted PlayStation 5. The pandemic is playing a big part, leading to manufacturing and shipping delays. Parents have also loaded up on toys to keep kids occupied while in lockdown. Stores are also noticing that retro toys like roller skates and puzzles are making a comeback.
Wall Street executive Ray McGuire formally announced his run for New York City mayor in December, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss why he's running for office. Aired on 12/29/2020.
Samsung cut $200 off the price of all three Galaxy S21 phones. The Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus come with a bunch of upgrades and refinements, including a striking new color scheme. But aside from their price, the phones aren't massively different from their S20 counterparts. In fact, it seems Samsung scaled back on certain specs and features. We take a look at the tradeoffs that were made to hit that lower price.
Chess is enjoying something of a renaissance, thanks in part to the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit - along with it being a game well-suited to Covid lockdowns. Yet many chess-lovers contend its lure is simultaneously being killed off by computers, which take the romance and mystery from the game in ever more accurate analysis. But this is an adaptable game of paradoxes, and technology has proven to both give and take. Will chess ever be 'solved'? And could it survive if it was?

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