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NBC Sports 21 Nov 2020

Why Raiders TE Darren Waller stays transparent about substance abuse (FULL INTERVIEW)


Raiders tight end Darren Waller discusses his on-field productivity with Derek Carr, his return from suspension and speaking out about substance abuse.

The killing of Samuel Paty by an Islamic extremist has led French people to question why terrorist attacks are still occurring five years after Charlie Hebdo. FRANCE 24's international affairs editor Armen Georgian, says the French notion of secularism is increasingly being challenged, while at the same time Islamophobia is on the rise.
Former CIA Director John Brennan tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer why he's more worried now than he has been during the past four years of President Trump's administration.
Laura Wolk, the first blind woman to clerk for the Supreme Court, on testifying in Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing.
An attacker with a knife killed at least two people and wounded several others near a church in the southern French city of Nice on Thursday, according to police officials. The suspected terror attack comes barely two weeks after teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated by an Islamic terrorist outside of Paris. Bernard Louis, founder, Crisotech, discusses the possible reasons France suffers more terror attacks than other European countries.

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