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Why Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise (It's More Than Just Smartphones)


The number of pedestrian deaths in the U.S. reached a nearly 30-year high in 2018, according to a report by the Governor's Highway Safety Association. WSJ explains what might be driving that trend. Illustration: Mallory Brangan/The Wall Street Journal

As online shopping sees its biggest holiday season ever, hackers are sending fake delivery notices impersonating Amazon, UPS and FedEx, with scams up 72% from last year and 440% from October to November. Clicking a fake shipping notification link can launch ransomware or launch a counterfeit branded site to trick users into entering credit card and personal information to "reroute" a package that never existed.
As many physical restaurants closed amid the pandemic, ghost kitchens, which are delivery-only cooking facilities that serve multiple restaurants, are on the rise. See how they work.
In rural areas in Russia, records for the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths are broken almost daily. The Kremlin maintains it has the situation under control.
This First Nation chief from what is now known as Alberta could be on the next $5 bill. Find out Issapomahksika's legacy from his great-great-great-grandson.


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