CNN 13 Feb 2020

Why Michael Bloomberg is rising in the polls


CNN political forecaster Harry Enten says polling numbers show that
presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is pulling support from Joe Biden and explains the former New York City mayor's rise in the polls.


Gov. Phil Murphy, D-NJ, discusses where his state is on infections and deaths, reopening, why he says the state is still in the fight and still needs testing, contact tracing and an isolation plan.Aired on 27/04/2020.
The stockpile of N95 masks and other protective medical gear is running low in the U.S.
Nurses are being told not to wear personal protective equipment while treating COVID-19 patients and are even being punished for wearing their own.
Jalen Rose, Jay Williams and Marcus Spears debate whether Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James or NBA legend Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.
#GetUp #NBA

When the United States women's basketball team took to the court at the 1996 Olympics and won gold, they instantly became trailblazers for the women who would follow. More than two decades and five gold medals later, the team has a familiar face at the helm - Dawn Staley, the spunky point guard with a killer game and insane court vision, is back in the red, white and blue as the head coach and her players say, she hasn't lost any of that swagger.

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