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CBC News 15 Apr 2020

Why her elderly COVID-19 patient 'wants to beat this'


Dr. Nadia Alam, a family physician and anesthetist in Georgetown, Ont., is treating a 72-year-old man with COVID-19 who refused to be put on a ventilator so he could die "looking at the sky." A week later, he is still alive and fighting to see his family again.


Lakisha Mohan, an intensive care unit nurse at Markham Stouffville Hospital, says the pandemic is "emotionally exhausting" for health-care workers who are the only connection COVID-19 patients have to their families in their final moments.
The U.S. Army is setting up medical tents to treat non-COVID-19 patients in the hardest-hit area of Washington state.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the USNS Comfort will now be able to treat COVID-19 patients. Aired on 4/6/2020.
These five housekeepers from New York-Presbyterian hospital volunteered to clean the rooms of COVID-19 patients - risking their own health to keep others safe. ""I love seeing patients,"" one member of the all-star team said. ""I feel like I'm saving a life.

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