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CBC News 21 Feb 2020

Why experts are concerned about facial-recognition technology


Several privacy watchdogs are launching a joint investigation into the creators of a controversial facial recognition technology.

CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo speaks with Seth Berenzweig, technology law and data privacy expert, about the use and possible abuse of facial recognition technology.
United States tech giant Amazon says it is temporarily suspending US police from being able to use its controversial facial recognition technology for a year.
The company has been criticised for supporting the George Floyd protesters while promoting a tool that can lead to racial profiling of African Americans.
Al Jazeera's Sara Khairat reports.
In the latest NBC NEWS / WSJ Poll, 80% of registered voters say things in the U.S. are "out of control."
Amazon said it will pause police use of its facial recognition technology for a year. The company did not offer specifics in its announcement, nor give a reason. However, civil rights and immigration advocacy groups, as well as Amazon's own employees, have long criticized the company for selling the technology to government agencies.

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