CNN 11 Nov 2020

Why ex-CIA chief is more worried about Trump now


Former CIA Director John Brennan tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer why he's more worried now than he has been during the past four years of President Trump's administration.

Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan us urging Pence and the cabinet to oust Trump under the 25th Amendment before he declassifies the nation's darkest secrets. To The Resident, there's only one thing that matters now.
NBC News is reporting that former intel officials don't think President Trump should get national security briefings when he leaves the White House. NBC News' Carol Lee reports on some of their worries.
Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman explains to Rachel Maddow why he's unconcerned that Donald Trump appears to be turning his sights on state Republicans there to pressure them to subvert the results of the election. Aired on 11/20/2020.
Author and Hill Opinion Contributor, Daniel Allott, discusses his new book, 'On the Road in Trump's America: A Journey into the Heart Divided Nation'.

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