Newsy 29 Sep 2020

Why Chris Wallace Likely Won't Fact-Check Trump-Biden Debate


Chris Wallace, the veteran journalist known for tough questions, will host the first Trump-Biden debate — but don't expect fact-checks.

NBC's Sahil Kapur breaks down and fact-checks claims made by President Trump and Joe Biden on their plans for health care during the final presidential debate. Aired on 10/23/2020.
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace discusses the impact of President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis on the 2020 presidential election.
Dr. Kavita Patel joins Andrea Mitchell to fact-check President Trump's statements on COVID-19 in last night's town hall. Patel says "There is no cure for coronavirus, COVID-19. That's a fact. Certainly the President I think has done his share of spreading misinformation." Aired on 10/16/2020.
CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett joins "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell with a round up of fact checks from the final presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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