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Why Brexit's Loudest Opponent Won't Shut Up


As the U.K. negotiates its departure from the EU, one voice has been more vocal than many - Steve Bray has spent the last two years screaming "Stop Brexit" through a megaphone at the U.K.'s Houses of Parliament.

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- Well I am Steve, Steve Brave from Port Talbot
and I'm often known as Stop Brexit Steve.
I've been here at parliament now every day in this city
for the last 20 months.
Outside parliament, there's always media, always news teams.
They are always there.
When I see them, I've got plaque cards.
- We need to remember where we are at this stage,
so regardless of what happens.
- I think this really is turning out to be the last
roll of the dice for Teresa Main.
- They're looking towards some.
- I've been escorted off the green by the police
well over 200 times, sometimes 10 times in a day.
I've lost count.
It was getting harder and harder to get onto the green,
so my view was if you can't be seen, you gotta be heard.
Stop Brexit!
- Someone's being a bit noisy,
aren't they in the background?
- That's why I have this.
Stop Brexit!
Brexit has divided politicians.
It's divided the parties, neighbors, friends, family.
There is not one part of this nation
that has not been divided.
I've got a grandson, I've got a daughter,
and I believe they should have the same rights
and future that I had.
We can stop Brexit, we do not have to accept this.
Brexit has created a lot of hatred,
so I've got people coming up to me calling me a traitor,
scum, fascist even, fascist, where does that come from?
And they hate me
on what I believe in
and what I voted.
But what I've noticed over the months is the huge decline
in abuse and the even bigger amount of support
that is coming in, it is absolutely fantastic.
People have woken up to the fact
that Brexit was never the answer to Britain's problems.
We stay as close to Westminster as we can
so we can protest, get there early, set up.
This flat here is funded through crowd funder,
'cause it's so expensive, we're only here a few days a week.
We've raised money from within the Remain movement,
the support we have from within
Remain has helped carry us through.
So many people said, you know, I woke up,
I was feeling down, and I saw you there
with the plaque cards, and it made my day.
So many people have said you've given us hope.
And the way tourists from Brazil, South Africa,
Australia, they all want a picture with me
and I make sure I've got the plaque cards.
A lot of people have come to me saying oh,
you're a hero, you're this, you're that, and no.
I'm the messenger, hero runs into a burning building.
I'm just the messenger.
The one thing I can say positive about Brexit
is the friends I've made, the people I've met,
and my restoration in my faith in humanity.
It has changed my life, I don't feel like a celebrity.
I really am a messenger.
That's what it's about.
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