CNN 17 Nov 2020

Why a divided Senate may be good for Biden


Conventional wisdom suggests the best-case scenario for Joe Biden is for Democrats to sweep the two Senate runoffs in Georgia in January -- putting Democrats in control of both sides of Congress as well as the White House. However, Chris Cillizza argues in his latest episode of The Point that a divided Congress may actually be a good thing for Biden.

Axios is reporting that former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg will be a part of President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet. NBC News' Hans Nichols reports on what other former Democratic Primary rivals may be contenders.
Throughout lockdown more people have been spending time at home playing video games.

Now, contrary to previous reports, researchers have found that playing video games may actually be good for mental wellbeing.

Sky's Noel Phillips reports.
The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine may mean that sharks will be in high demand. Shark liver contains a rare oil called squalene, which makes the vaccine more potent, and more than 500,000 sharks may have to be hunted and captured to supply the world with a coronavirus vaccine. Shark advocates like Stefanie Brendl are concerned about the long term effects. "We have to remember that there will be many other vaccines and this will go on potentially for decades and it will add up," Brendl said.
National Security experts are reacting with alarm to a series of New York Times reports that state records show Trump's finances are in dire straits and he is deeply in debt. Michael Schmidt and Andrea Bernstein react. Aired on 09/28/2020.

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