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Al Jazeera 23 Oct 2020

Who's more convincing Trump or Biden?


US President Donald Trump and Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden have held their second and final debate, less than two weeks before the election.
The threat of having their microphones muted largely deterred interruptions - making for a less chaotic event than the first.
They still sparred about the coronavirus response, racism in America and accused each other of corruption.
So, how's Covid-19 shaping the presidential race in the US?
And is either candidate convincing?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra

Adolfo Franco, Republican Strategist and former adviser to senator John McCain
Rick Wilson, Co-Founder of The Lincoln Project
Clark Plexico, former North Carolina State Democrat Senator and elected delegate to the National Democratic Convention.

Who will be the 46th president of the United States? Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Can the winner bring the divided country together? Or is the US divided beyond repair? Our guests: Soraya Nelsen (KCRW Berlin), Mosi Secret (freelance Journalist), & Mathew Karnitscnig (Politico).
With the November 3rd U.S. presidential election just days away, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump nationally in the polls, but only by a razor-thin margin in key states. White House Correspondent Patsy Widakuswara has the latest on both campaigns and the millions of votes already cast.

Produced by: Bronwyn Benito
The United States is on track for record-breaking voter turnout in its presidential election.
More than 100 million ballots already cast, setting up possibly the highest voter turnout in more than a century.
Citizens are deciding whether Donald Trump should get a second term, or whether Joe Biden should replace him on January 20.

Al Jazeera's Rosiland Jordan reports.
Since Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency in 2016, relations with the EU have often been turbulent, not least over trade. Unreported Europe investigates how the outcome of the upcoming election may affect tariffs and taxes which have flown in either direction during the last four years.

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