Euronews 9 Jan 2021

WHO warns of 'vaccine nationalism' as the world rolls out COVID-19 immunisation jabs


A lack of access to COVID vaccines in poorer countries has prompted WHO to warn against 'vaccine nationalism'.

EU member states face logistical challenges and vaccine scepticism as they embark on a coordinated campaign to immunise their populations.
The World Health Organization has warned countries of a catastrophic moral failure due to unequal Covid-19 vaccine policies. According to the agency's director, it is unfair for healthy people from wealthy countries to be inoculated before the vulnerable and poor ones. The WHO has come under fire over the handling of the pandemic, criticised for being too soft on China.
Moderna says it will today ask for approval for its COVID-19 vaccine in Europe and the US
President-elect Joe Biden attended a "national moment of unity and remembrance" in honor of the 400,000 Americans who lost their lives due to COVID-19.

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