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Washington Post 30 Aug 2020

White House officials attack local leadership, Democrats after deadly shooting in Portland


Trump White House and campaign officials on Aug. 30 blamed local leadership for recent violence at protests in U.S. cities, while Democrats accused the president of inflaming racial divisions.

A man wielding a knife on Thursday killed three people in an attack at the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice in southern France. The suspect, a Tunisian national, has been arrested in the attack which President Emmanuel Macron has described as an Islamist terrorist attack. Follow events as they unfolded in our liveblog.
The race for the White House has been thrown into turmoil, after the revelation that Donald Trump and his wife Melania, have both tested positive for coronavirus.

The couple are self-isolating at the White House. Officials say Mr Trump has "mild" symptoms and is in "good spirits".

His diagnosis has stunned America, with financial markets sinking on the news. With just a month until the presidential election, It's raised major questions about the remainder of the campaign and its outcome.

Donald Trump's presidential rival Joe Biden and world leaders including Boris Johnson have wished Mr Trump and his wife a speedy recovery.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by north America editor Jon Sopel at the White House, Nick Bryant hearing from voters in Michigan and medical editor Fergus Walsh on the health risks Donald Trump is facing.
US President Donald Trump is being treated at a military hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. He's expected to remain at Walter Reed Medical Center for several days. Trump's doctor says he is taking the anti-viral drug Remdesivir. Earlier White House officials said the hospitalization was only a "precautionary measure" and Trump would continue his presidential duties.
Since President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, White House officials have at times given incomplete or contradictory statements about his symptoms, his oxygen level and when he first tested positive.

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