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NBC Sports 31 Jul 2020

Where NFL could hit issues with COVID-19 testing


Mike Florio and Peter King break down the NFL's plan for COVID-19 testing and explain where the league could run into problems.

The Health Secretary has admitted there are "challenges" with the #coronavirus testing system following a "sharp rise" in demand.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Matt Hancock said the government was "working hard" to fix issues with COVID-19 testing availability but admitted it could take a "matter of weeks".

He revealed tests were now having to be prioritised and also hinted that they could be further rationed in the future.

Mike Florio and Peter King discuss where the NFL goes now after COVID-19 finally caused serious issues within the league.
Of the more than 1,200 health care workers that have died from COVID-19, 63% have been health care workers of color, according to a new report from Kaiser Health.
France's strategy for curbing the spread of Covid-19 depends on people getting tested when they have virus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who received a positive test. Nurses and scientists are working overtime to collect and analyse the tests as fast as possible.

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