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CBC News 18 Sep 2020

What's causing a surge in COVID-19 cases in Ontario


COVID-19 cases in Ontario have topped more than 400, the province's highest daily case count since early June. So what is causing the spike in cases? Critical care physician Michael Warner breaks down some of the causes and challenges going forward.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday that Israel would go back into lockdown. The country has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases.

CNN's Nick Watt reports on the spike in Covid-19 cases at colleges in 36 states and the FDA suggesting a coronavirus vaccine could be approved before their trials are over.
Care home COVID-19 cases in some pockets of the UK have risen sharply and Leeds is seeing a spike higher now than in May in the social care sector.

Sky News' Economic Editor Ed Conway takes a closer look at how care homes is coping with COVID-19 in England according to new internal NHS documents.
COVID-19 cases are once again surging in the United States. Hospitalizations are also rising while deaths remain steady.

The current epicenter of the crisis runs along the northern US and through the Midwest. In Wisconsin an emergency field hospital has been built to handle the crush of new cases.

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