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Al Jazeera 22 Nov 2020

What's behind the South China Sea dispute?


China and its neighbours all want a piece of the South China Sea.
Rights to fish, territory, oil and gas.
This fight has it all, including the potential for war.
So why is ASEAN struggling to manage the problem? And why won't China share?

In the disputed South China Sea, fishermen are being driven further from their shores due to dwindling catches, forcing them to encroach into territorial waters belonging to neighbouring countries.

Tensions have risen as China claims 80 percent of the South China Sea and has sent out the world's biggest naval force to defend its territory.

Countries unable to stand up to Beijing are turning to the United States for support, which is deploying more warships to the region.

Plus: why investors turned on the boss of an Australian mining company, which blew up Aboriginal caves.

And Polestar enters the electric car fray.
Agriculture is the largest employer in India, with nearly 50 percent of the country's workforce employed in it in one form or another. But this crucial sector is reeling from a spate of farmer suicides - one of the highest rates in the world. Our correspondents reportĀ from Punjab, India's breadbasket and one of the worst affected states, to find out what's behind this tragic phenomenon.
Relations between China and Australia have been deteriorating recently, now tensions are about to reach a next level. Starting Saturday, Beijing will impose tariffs up to 200 percent on Australian wine imports - claiming Shiraz, Chardonnay and others have been illegaly subsidized by the government. Australian producers are appalled - no-where do they sell nearly as much as in China.
With the US presidential election right around the corner, we wanted to check-in on the status of Donald Trump's infamous trade dispute (ahem, not a war) with China. Who are the real winners and losers? And how has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted how it's all playing out?

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