Euronews 24 Nov 2020

What will the future of energy in Europe look like?


What will the future of energy in Europe look like? Euronews finds out in this edition of Ocean.

CRISPR allows scientists to perform surgery on our DNA.
For people with genetic diseases it has transformed lives with corrections that aren't passed on to others.
But should the technology be used in ways that permanently transform the human race?
From January 1 British and EU citizens will be confronted with the reality of Brexit as the transition period ends and borders that were done away with decades ago return. Despite #Brexit, the City of #London will 'find ways of thriving in the future,' says Jill Rutter, program director at the Institute for Government in London, interviewed by FRANCE 24.
Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy discusses the violence on Capitol Hill and the future of the Republican party.
K.T. McFarland and former federal prosecutor Jim Trusty discuss the future of John Durham's probe on 'The Evening Edit'. #FoxBusiness

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