MSNBC 8 Jan 2021

What Went Wrong With Security At The Capitol?


NBC News' Julia Ainsley joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on what went wrong with security at the U.S. Capitol on the day pro-Trump rioters entered the building. Aired on 01/08/2021.

A lot things went wrong in 2020. And presidential polls were no exception. Joe Biden was supposed to win the 2020 presidential by eight points, according to the polls, which were wrong. He won by five points. He was supposed to win Wisconsin by 10 points. Instead, Biden eked out a victory there with less than 1 percent of the vote between him and incumbent President Donald Trump. The polls were very wrong in Wisconsin. The polls also had Biden winning Florida. And North Carolina. Here's why the polls ended up missing the mark in 2020, and what's being done about it.
Vice President Mike Pence spoke with members of the National Guard at the Capitol.
Armed troops from the District of Columbia's National Guard arrived at the Capitol on Wednesday.

The Guardsmen, assigned to security duty on the U.S. Capitol Ground received approval Tuesday to carry weapons through a request from federal authorities and approved by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.

Up to 15,000 Guard members are expected to be on duty in coming days in the district to support law enforcement in connection with the January 20th inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Authorities are concerned about threats of violence, following the insurrection at the Capitol last week.
The French president, Australia's prime minister and the Japanese government reacted to the riots at the Capitol with calls for democracy to prevail.

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