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ABC News 19 Aug 2020

What to watch for on night 3 of the Democratic Convention


ABC News Deputy Political Director MaryAlice Parks discusses what to watch for on the third night of the convention, including speeches from Kamala Harris and former President Obama News">Barack Obama.

Rebecca Lowe and the 2 Robbies return for the 2020-21 Premier League season and lay out what to look forward to at the start of the new campaign.
The world is an unpredictable place, as our current political and economic climates continue to prove, and if there is one thing the stock market hates, it's surprises and uncertainty. Steve Forbes on the current state of the world, the untimely events over the future of the Supreme Court, the upcoming presidential election and the impact these are having on stock values.

What's Ahead featuring Steve Forbes provides his insights and perspective, to stay on top of what's happening in this ever-turbulent world with glimpses into the future. What's Ahead airs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
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The first of three of socially distanced debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden takes place on Tuesday night in Ohio.

Tens of millions of Americans will get a close up look at the Republican and Democratic candidates hoping to win the presidential election on 3 November.

But what will it take for one of them to come out on top? The BBC's Anthony Zurcher gives us The Lowdown on what to expect from a contest that's likely to get personal.
Sen. Kamala Harris apologizes directly to the parents of Kayla Mueller, who are in attendance at the debate, and said that she knows Joe Biden feels the same way about the death of their daughter.

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