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What to know on the impeachment inquiry


The House Judiciary Committee will host its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry Wednesday. Here's what you should know ahead of time.

The White House is expected to announce a second coronavirus task force to focus on economic recovery efforts. NBC's Carol Lee has details. Aired on 4/09/2020.
Tourism is one of the industries that have been worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns and travel restrictions. It is estimated global travel will fall by up to 30 percent this year. Europe accounts for half of the world's tourist arrivals and is facing staggering losses. EU ministers are due to hold a virtual summit later today to discuss how they can help an industry in crisis.
Shaquil Barrett joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' prospects in the 2020 NFL season, with the Pro Bowl linebacker saying Tom Brady makes the Bucs contenders for the Super Bowl.
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The coronavirus pandemic is causing extra stress for many expectant mothers around the world.

One major reason for this is because health experts "are operating in a data-free zone" when it comes to pregnant women and COVID-19. Research is still pending on whether these women are more susceptible to catching the illness, and if contracting the virus could affect fetal health.

Compounding this fear of the unknown are strict social distancing guidelines. This has caused increased mental distress for women who are deprived of the support of loved ones and those who could benefit from helpful birthing and breastfeeding classes.

From a medical perspective, pre- and post-natal treatments are rapidly evolving to ensure the safest care. In some nations, regular checkups have moved online to prevent unnecessary hospital visits. In these instances, expectant mothers are taught to monitor fetal heartbeats and their own blood pressure - a change that may stick around for years to come.

In this episode we ask, what do pregnant women need to know about the coronavirus?

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