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Fox Business Network 13 Aug 2019

What the Hong Kong airport chaos could mean for Trump and trade


Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on the fallout from the protests in Hong Kong and President Trump confirming a missile explosion in Russia last week.

Maryland could become the eighth state in the country to give dying patients the power to determine when their lives will end through assisted suicide. Hear the emotional debate about the bill.
A 15 year old Hong Kong high school student talks to VOA about what the protests mean for her and her future.
New polling about the fight over the electoral college might surprise you. NBC's Steve Kornacki and the Monmouth University Polling Institute Director, Patrick Murray, join Stephanie Ruhle to take a deeper look at the numbers and what it could mean for future elections.
CNN's Paula Hancocks is on the scene as clashes between protesters and riot police break out at Hong Kong's international airport.
Protesters scrambled to set up barricades as police officers left the buses and entered the airport. Riot police appeared soon after, amassing outside the airport terminal and clashing with demonstrators.
The violence came after Hong Kong's Airport Authority announced that all check-in services would be suspended for another night, due to terminal operations being "seriously disrupted."


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