MSNBC 6 Jul 2020

What James Baldwin's Work Means For A Nation Having A Reckoning On Race


Eddie Glaude, Jr. joins to discuss his new biography on the late, great American writer James Baldwin and the lessons his thoughts on race still hold for America in the age of Trump. Aired on 7/06/2020.

President Trump's Aug. 6, executive order would ban the Chinese social media app from engaging in business transactions with U.S. firms in 45 days. Here's what it could mean for the company and its users.
Amin Elhassan and Richard Jefferson join Jorge Sedano on The Jump to react to the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks scrimmage in the NBA's Orlando, Florida, bubble, and discuss what it means for LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dion Waiters, JR Smith and the rest of the team.
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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss what MLS players uniting for a Black Lives Matter tribute means for the NFL next season.
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Community policing expert Prof. Lorenzo Boyd explains the immense challenges involved in nationwide police reform. Aired on 6/17/2020.

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