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CGTN America 18 Mar 2020

What it's like to visit an elderly care home under COVID-19 lockdown


How do you communicate to elderly loved ones that are in quarantine against #covid19? For many families in the U.S. it's through windows. See how this family is still showing their grandmother they care. #coronavirus

Dana Kass, an emergency medicine doctor, tells Chris Hayes what it's like to have the coronavirus. Aired on 04/10/2020.
Richard Jefferson catches up with Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard to talk about a variety of topics, including what it's like to tackle Tennessee Titans runnindag back Derrick Henry.

Ontario and Quebec are asking the military to help relieve staff at long-term care homes hit by outbreaks of COVID-19.
Nurse Elyse Isopo is on her sixth 13-hour day this week at North Shore University Hospital, and it's taking a toll. We went behind the scenes at the hospital on Long Island that is so overwhelmed, they're turning lecture halls into patient care rooms. When she gets home, all she can do is shower, maybe eat, and go to bed to save energy for the next day. But before she can greet her family and pets at home, she has to go through an extraordinary disinfection process.

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