Forbes 26 Mar 2020

What Is Vertical Integration And Why Is It A Hot Topic In The Cannabis Industry?


When a state decides to legalize the production and sale of cannabis, lawmakers eventually have to decide whether or not companies should be forced to be vertically integrated. Steve DeAngelo, cofounder of Harborside and widely considered the "Father Of The Legal Cannabis Industry", explains what vertical integration is and why it can impact a state's cannabis marketplace.

In the daily briefing earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said to avoid the "disaster" of a second peak the UK must keep the R rate below one.

But what is the R number and why does it matter?

BBC health correspondent Laura Foster explains what governments are aiming for and why it matters.

Video by Terry Saunders, Laura Foster and Tobias Chapple
What is SpaceX? How does it make money?

The company is set to make history as, alongside Nasa, it sends two astronauts to the International Space Station - the first time a private company has done this.

The launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is scheduled for 16:33 local time (20:33 GMT / 21:33 BST).

Science correspondent Laura Foster takes a closer look at the company's aims.
Forbes' Will Yakowicz talks with Steve DeAngelo, cofounder of dispensary Harborside on the impact that Covid-19 is having on the legal Cannabis industry.

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Former Pro-Bowl pass rusher Aldon Smith has been out of the NFL for four seasons after a myriad of off-the-field issues. Smith, who recently signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys, joined FOX Sports' Jay Glazer to make the case for why he deserves his second chance in Dallas.

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