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What is the true story behind John Bolton's sacking?


In Washington, speculation is rife that President Donald Trump's firing of his national security adviser John Bolton could signal a shift in US foreign policy. Announcing the latest White House sacking on Twitter, the president said that he "disagreed strongly with Bolton on many issues". Bolton is a 'falcon' hardliner on US foreign policy. Bolton gave a different version of events, saying he'd offered his resignation.

The movie "Rocketman" details the defining moments in the life of the legendary Elton John, whose career has spanned more than 50 years. But what's the true story behind the film? The movie shows how he went from humble roots to global stardom, and it wasn't always pretty. It goes back to Elton's upbringing in the U.K. in a family that didn't always support his love of music. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano has more.
George Clooney's new miniseries, "Catch-22," is based on Joseph Heller's famous World War II novel of the same name. But what's the true story of "Catch-22"? Heller biographer Tracy Daugherty told InsideEdition.com, "The novel was based very much on his experiences in the military." Heller served as a bombardier in Europe, flying more than 60 missions. Historian Patricia Chapman Meder said, "He was a good soldier. He did what he was told and he did it well."
12 seconds of gunfire: The true story of a school shooting" is a powerful virtual reality experience produced by The Washington Post, based on an unforgettable front-page article by 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist John Woodrow Cox. The story is illustrated in an immersive 360-degree film by award-winning animator Wesley Allsbrook ("Dear Angelica") from an original script and audio from The Post's team.

The short film recounts what happened to Jacob Hall and Ava Olsen, who were first-graders at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina when a 14-year-old boy opened fire on their school playground at recess. Jacob was killed and the movie follows Ava as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the shooting — from her friend's funeral to the anguished letter she sends to President Donald Trump asking him to keep kids safe from guns.
J.R.R. Tolkien wrote some of the most beloved fantasy works of the past century, including "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings." The new film "Tolkien," starring Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins, depicts the author's early years. But what's the true story of "Tolkien"? Dr. Corey Olsen told InsideEdition.com, "Tolkien lost and lost and lost thing after thing. But that's something that shaped him in a really positive and constructive way, and you can still feel that in all of his works."

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