ESPN 20 Nov 2020

What is the impact of an Anthony Davis contract extension on the Lakers?


The Jump's Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter and Brian Windhorst discuss the impact of a contract extension between Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers. The crew also discusses the best move for the Philadelphia 76ers after their 2020 NBA Draft night trades.


What's the impact of melting ice on rising sea levels? In this episode of Climate Now, Euronews takes a closer look at what's happening in the north and south poles.
CGTN'S Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Jie Zhang, Professor of Marketing and the Harvey Sanders Fellow of Retail Management, at the University of Maryland, about the state of the global retail industry and the impact of COVID-19.
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace discusses the impact of President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis on the 2020 presidential election.
What does the COVID-19 outbreak in Trump's administration mean for the election?
"The fact that [we're facing COVID-19], the biggest crisis in the world, and the president himself cannot seem to handle it doesn't inspire much confidence that he should be the president of the US anymore."
Says Waleed Shahid, spokesperson for Justice Democrats, about the upcoming US election, the gap between Democratic progressives and moderates, and the future of American democracy.

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