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The Guardian 29 Nov 2019

What is the Green New Deal?


The climate crisis is the biggest global threat that humanity faces. But despite action being demanded for years, many governments have continued to sustain an economy that's bad for the environment. The green new deal proposes a different way forward and has been mentioned by the Labour party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders in the US, and school strikers around the world. But what does it mean? Maya Goodfellow explores what the green new deal is and how would it work.

In the daily briefing earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said to avoid the "disaster" of a second peak the UK must keep the R rate below one.

But what is the R number and why does it matter?

BBC health correspondent Laura Foster explains what governments are aiming for and why it matters.

Video by Terry Saunders, Laura Foster and Tobias Chapple
If it means abandoning the life we loved before coronavirus or using this the crisis as a vehicle for advancing a left-wing, freedom-killing agenda, count us out. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),
The UK has recorded the biggest jump in the number of deaths from coronavirus in any single day but perhaps even more important for ministers and officials trying to understand the impact of the lockdown - and what's coming down the road for the NHS - is the rate of increase.
If coronavirus infection is more widespread than we thought, by definition that means the virus is less deadly; insight from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford University professor of medicine. #FoxNews #Tucker

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),

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