Newsy 5 Oct 2020

What Happens If A Candidate For President Is Incapacitated?


Experts break down what to expect if either major presidential candidate is unable to continue in the race through Election Day or inauguration.

A US presidential nominee has never died or had to withdraw from a White House race this close to an election. But President Donald Trump's hospitalisation for coronavirus just a month from the November 3 vote has raised the question of what happens if such an event should occur.
The 2020 election could cause one of the greatest constitutional crises in the US since 2000.

Increased voting by mail might mean a result isn't declared for weeks. And if the votes aren't counted in time, who will take charge of the country?

The battle for the White House could play out in the Supreme Court, the Congress and even on America's streets.
President Trump will undergo observation at Walter Reed Medical Center for a few days after testing positive for the coronavirus. Pete Williams explains what laws are in place when and if a president becomes incapacitated and unable to fill his or her duties.
The White House says President Trump is experiencing only minor symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19. But questions are being raised about what would happen should he be unable to carry out his duties for a period of time. CBS News legal contributor Rebecca Roiphe joined CBSN to discuss what the Constitution says.

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